Friday, 26 October 2007

Wildlife pictures

In Natural History Museum (London) there is an exhibition called Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

They had the great idea to have an online gallery of the photographic pictures.

In order to choose the winner, now they look at more than 15,000 entries.

You need to go to the gallery (if you can't go to the museum) and see the pictures: they are too good to be described!


Gio said...
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Gio said...

fanno ride in confronto alle mie.

cat Blitz caught a big rat

have a photo of the Hero :

and an exclusive interview:

Interviewer : Hello Blitz
Blitz the cat : meoww

Interviewer: nice job, you caught a big rat last night
Blitz the cat: meoow (he couldn't run as fast as i did)

Interviewer: what is your policy towards this intruders?
Blitz the cat: meoow (my cat squad will chase down every intruder)

Interviewer: what would you like to say to all the RATS out there?
Blitz the cat: meeoow (You can run, but you can't hide!)

Interviewer: Thank you Blitz the cat, and have a nice day.
Blitz the cat: meow (thank you)

- -