Wednesday, 31 October 2007

40 years ago, The Prisoner

On 1st October 1967 the british channel ITV broadcast the first episode of one of the best tv show of all times, "The Prisoner". Only seventeen episodes were produced, with the last airing on 4 February 1968.

In the tv series the actor Patrick McGoohan plays the role of a british agent of secret service who, at the beginning of the first episode, decides to retire without giving them any explanation.
He goes back home and he's kidnapped by somebody and taken to a strange place called 
"The village".
In this place, a bizarre village full of other people (who look completely brainwashed and they gave up the idea of escaping), he's called "Number Six" and they try everything in order to know why he resigned. All the series is the story of all his 
attempts to run away and be free again. When a massive ball is chasing him and 
he's caught, he shouts "I'm not a number, I'm a free man!!"

While i'm writing i see that this show as a vote of 9,2/10 given by 1000 imdb users.

The creators of the film Truman Show (1998) and the tv show Lost (2004) took some ideas from The Prisoner.

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