Monday, 22 October 2007

Wikipedia 2.0 ?

Wikipedia was created in 2001 and now has more than 
2 million pages in its english version.
Around 7% of Internet users visit Wikipedia daily!

In this article from the magazine New Scientist the journalist Jim Giles discusses about some changes in the famous free encyclopedia.

For now, edits to an entry can be made by any user and appear
immediately to all readers. In the new version, only edits made
by a separate class of "trusted" users will be instantly implemented.

As well as relying on trusted editors, Wikipedia's upgrade will
involve automatically awarding trust ratings to chunks of text
within a certain article. Erik Möller (Wikimedia Foundation)
says the new system is due to be incorporated into Wikipedia
within the next two months, as an option for the different
language communities.

Möller says that ultimately the best way to make
Wikipedia more trustworthy might be to combine
the trusted users approach with the automated one.
"We could have an icon saying that the version you're
looking at is unlikely to contain vandalism and also
whether it was a human or computer that made the
decision," he says. "As simple as possible, that's the main goal."

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