Thursday, 25 October 2007

Global etiquette

Reading an article of The Independent, i found out an interesting book.

The english writer Mark McCrum  spent several years travelling and he decided 
to write the book "Going Dutch in Beijing" which is a kind of global guide to etiquette.

"Going dutch" means to divide the bill of the restaurant.
One of many examples of the book:
in China, the concept of splitting the bill can be offensive. If you are invited out to a restaurant, your host will pay: you should politely demur and offer to pick up the tab yourself (up to three times), but to suggest a contribution would cause him or her to seriously lose face. Reciprocate at a later date with a splendid meal for which you fork out. Unless you're out with young people, you should never even attempt to "go Dutch" in Beijing.

To read it before you pack your baggage.

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