Friday, 19 October 2007

50 years ago, Sputnik

On October 4th 1957, Sputnik 1 was the first artificial satellite that was launched
by the mankind, starting a new era for the communication.

The magazine Science wrote about it and added an interesting thing.
Sputnik 3 was launched in 1958 with some recording device that wasn't 
working properly. Why? Because the person in charge, the day of the 
launch, received a phone call from Khruscev.
 The leader of Soviet Union had been asked by leaders of italian 
communist party to do something outstanding because the 
next day was the day of 
general elections in Italy. And they launched Sputnik 3 with a 
magnetic tape that didn't work...

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Gio said...

dopo 50 anni americani e russi collaborano sul programma spaziale, attorno al progetto della ISS, internatinal space station.

In questo momento la Suyuz, la capsula russa sta orbitando assieme alla ISS e passa tutte le sere sopra la testa degli Italiani, oltre che a generare numerose segnalazioni UFO.

In particolare sarà visibile (come una stella in movimento nord-sud)la sera del 22 ottobre dalle 18:52 alle 18:59

- -