Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Google's alliance

Google decided to create an alliance to support a Google-phone.
Let's see who are the members of this "Open handset alliance":

Mobile Operators:
1) China Mobile Communications Corporation
3) NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
4) Sprint Nextel
5) T-Mobile
6) Telecom Italia
7) Telefónica

Semiconductor Companies:
1) Audience
2) Broadcom Corporation
3) Intel Corporation
4) Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.
5) NVIDIA Corporation
6) Qualcomm Inc.
7) SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc.
8) Synaptics, Inc.
9) Texas Instruments Incorporated

Handset Manufacturers:
1) HTC Corporation
2) LG Electronics, Inc.
3) Motorola, Inc.
4) Samsung Electronics

Software Companies:
1) Ascender Corp.
2) eBay Inc.
3) Esmertec
4) Google Inc.
5) LivingImage LTD.
6) NMS Communications
7) Nuance Communications, Inc.
8) PacketVideo (PV)
9) SkyPop

Commercialization Companies
1) Aplix Corporation
2) Noser Engineering Inc.
3) TAT - The Astonishing Tribe ABDdD
4) Wind River

The Times writes: "The mobile operators are divided. Although some big players such as China Mobile, Telecom Italia and Motorola have signed up to the Google project, others including Vodafone, Orange, the French-owned mobile operator, and Nokia have so far declined to join.
The problem, say analysts, is that while a more user-friendly mobile web is an obvious benefit, mobile operators also risk giving much away. “Giving Google access to their customer base is essentially like giving away the crown jewels,” Mr Wood said."


The CEO of Vodafone (Vodafone is a mobile network operator that has equity interests in 27 countries and Partner Networks in a further 40 countries), Arun Sarin, seems to understimate the power of Google.
He said: ""What is it that is missing in life that they [Google] are
going to fulfil? You can reach Google already through a number of devices.
You don't need a Google phone to do that."

Well, mr Sarin, today marketing and advertising are the driving force of the global market.
Don't understimate them and don't understimate the huge importance of the brand "Google".

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