Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Luttazzi and the mass media

Daniele Luttazzi is an italian comedian, i would say he's the italian version of David Letterman.

A couple of days ago the private tv channel La7 (the majority of the shares belongs to Telecom Italia) said they cancelled his show because they said he insulted one journalist of the same channel.

Some people are saying "It's a shame, it's censorship!"
Is it really censorship?
I do not think so.
Luttazzi doesn't understand (or maybe he pretends not to understand) that every medium has its limits. Who decides the limits? Easy answer for a private tv channel: the owner does decide the limits. If you don't like those limits, you're free to look for another job in another private tv channel. In this system of society, there's no way we can establish the right to be on tv against the will of the owner, it would be the same for newspapers or radio. A journalist or a comedian should be a valuable asset for a tv channel, not a source of troubles.

Everybody talks about "the right of satire" but not many people talk about "the right of people not to be insulted through mass media". Why?


Claudio said...

Who is really insulted froma mass media? Luttazzi is not real problem, people is insulted in many ways, with manipulation, with hidden news, with omissions and factiousity... Ciao, CLaudio

Gio said...

na volta tanto so daccordo con te! meno vittimismo!

- -