Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Coup de theatre from US intelligence

All the newspapers in the world wrote about a NIE report where they wrote that Iran had stopped its nuclear programme in 2003.
First question: why do journalists write about a report and do NOT link to it??
You can see the 9 page report here

National Intelligence Estimate, produced by the National Intelligence Council, express the coordinated judgments of the US Intelligence Community made up of 16 intelligence agencies.

National Intelligence Estimates are classified documents prepared for policy-makers.
Second question: why did they decide to release it?

I think they decided to realese it as a message to Bush administration. The message is clear: if you want to bomb Iraq, do it but do not say that intelligence is on your side; don't even think of dragging us into another disaster.

We can add another question (same question asked in this NYT article): can we trust US intelligence when in 2003 they said Iraq had WMD and in
2005 they said Iran "is determined to develop nuclear weapons"?


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