Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dark future for Telecom Italia (at least in Italy)

number (in millions) of fixed-line network connections in Italy 1997-2008 and isdn only

number of fixed-line network connections (including ISDN) in Italy of Telecom Italia, from 25.698 millions of 1997, the peak in 2001 (27.353 millions) and down to 20.031 millions (2008). On March 2010 they will release the report for 2009 but on 30th june 2009 the number was 19.170 millions. I may predict a number of 18.6 for 31st december 2009. The rise of 1997-2001 is because of big success of ISDN; in 2006 they stopped giving numbers about ISDN but the peak was on 2003 (6.027 millions).
Today a consumer customer has to pay a monthly fee of 16.08 Euro (vat included) to Telecom Italia; 192.96 Euro for one year

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Disdetta Telecom said...

A dark future is overshadowing Telecom Italia. Poor service, old network, and no plans for optic fibre network in Italy.

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