Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Digital radio development in Ireland

coverage of DAB in Ireland today (Dublin, Cork and Limerick)

About 2 weeks ago (25th september 2009), the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (but since 1st october "The duties and responsibilities of the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland have transferred to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland") published the report:

Most of the report deals about the question "DAB or DAB+?". A very good choice is calling a chapter "What radio listeners say".

The authors are:
Helen Shaw - CEO Athena Media
Brian O'Neill - Head of School of Media, Dublin Institute of Technology
Agata Olbrycht - Research Assistant Athena Media

Digital radio in Ireland:
-chapter one - survey findings
-chapter two - strategic interviews

-chapter three - online digital radio

-chapter four - what radio listeners say

-chapter five - conclusions and recommendations

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