Friday, 15 February 2008

DAB in UK: economically or not economically viable?

GCap Media is a British commercial radio company formed from the merger of the Capital Radio Group and GWR Group. The merger was completed in May 2005. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.
On December 20th 2007 Fru Hazlitt started working as CEO of the group.
After 53 days she presented her plans for the company's future; in the meanwhile:
- 6 January 2008: Global radio confirms interest in buying GCap
- 7 January 2008: GCap rejects the-313 million-pound bid offer from Global
- 12 February 2008: Global reserves right to raise GCap offer

The big issue is Fru Hazlitt saying "reflecting our view that DAB is not an economically viable platform for the Company"

A lot of newspapers wrote about this:

8 February 2008 Ben Fenton Digital radio at critical stage
10 February 2008 Ben Fenton Global radio questions GCap plans
11 February 2008 Ben Fenton Hazlitt turns the dial from DAB radio
11 February 2008 Ben Fenton Radio waves hit remaining supporters
11 February 2008 John Plunkett Hazlitt : DAB "not economically viable"
12 February 2008 Owen Gibson and Katie Allen
The end for digital radio - or the start of a listening revolution?
12 February 2008 Juliette Garside Doubt over digital as GCap pulls the plug
14 February 2008 Juliette Garside Radio bosses seek new digital map
10 February 2008 James Ashton GCAP's Fru Hazlitt switches off digital radio
12 February 2008 Amanda Andrews Blow for digital radio as GCap drops stations
12 February 2008 Ciar Byrne GCap retreats from digital radio to focus on FM and broadband

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